• Handset Weight: 13 oz.
  • Handset Color: Black
  • Transmitter/Receiver: Magnetic Balanced Armature
  • Battery Requirement: 2 D Size Alkaline
  • Battery Life: Greater than three years
  • Acoustic Gain (700-3,000 Hz.): 95 dB SPL at the Transmitter Produces 105 dB SPL at the Receiver
  • Sidetone: -10 dB
  • Maximum Output: (700-3,000 Hz.) 120 dB SPL
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility: At least 10 dB Higher than a Standard W.E. 500 Handset

        The visitation telephone pair shall be the Sound Powered Communications (SPC) VisitPhone System 500 or approved equal. The visitation phone system shall comprise a fully self-contained, amplified, voice powered phone pair, capable of being directly connected through a wall and requiring no external connections for power or voice signals. The amplifiers shall be capable of not less than three years operation on a single pair of alkaline "D" cells.

        The telephones shall be fully hearing aid compatible.

        The transmitters and receivers shall be self-energizing balanced armature magnetic elements which are equal and identical to each other. They shall be mounted in a black "500 Style" handset and provide full duplex communications.

        The system shall include a pair of heavy-duty handsets each attached to an .070" thick brushed stainless steel wallplate via stainless steel armored cable. Full strain relief shall be provided via a stainless steel lanyard inside the armored cable. A chrome plated hanger shall be mounted on the wallplate. The unit shall mount in a standard two-gang backbox and tamper-proof hardware shall be included. The system also shall be made available by the manufacturer with separately mountable hangers to provide for situations where mounting the system on a counter is desired or wall mounting is not possible. The system shall be suitable for use in the correctional environment.